AlumierMD Customer Rewards Points

At AlumierMD, providing you with effective skin care and visible results is our commitment. Through advanced proprietary chemistry, AlumierMD has optimized the bioavailability of each molecule in our ingredients. As a result, our scientific formulations deliver exceptional results.

In addition to enjoying the benefits of a science-based skin care regimen, you will enjoy the benefits of the AlumierMD Rewards Plan and the free products you will earn in the process.

There are several ways to earn Rewards Points.

Rewards Points for One-Time Orders

All individual orders placed online or through your skin care professional are eligible for AlumierMD Rewards Points. The larger the purchase, the more Rewards Points you can earn!

Order Size AlumierMD Reward Points
$150 - $249.99 $5
$250 - $349.99 $10
$350 - $449.99 $15
$450 - $549.99 $20
$550+ $30

Rewards Points for Auto-Ship Orders

AlumierMD offers the option of subscribing to Auto-Ship Orders, which is an optional convenience program. This program allows you to create a monthly standing order with AlumierMD so you never run out of your favourite products at the time you need them most!

By signing up for the AlumierMD Auto-Ship program, you can stay glowing knowing your treasured skin care will always be at your door on time, plus you will be eligible for some fantastic rewards. As long as your Auto-Ship orders are at least $80 per shipment, you’ll be accumulating AlumierMD Rewards Points in your account – the longer you’re Auto-Shipping, the higher the percentage of rewards gets!

By subscribing to the AlumierMD Auto-Ship Program, you will become a Preferred Customer. Firstly, you’ll be in-the-know with exclusive promotions and newsletters just for you.

Secondly, on your 3rd month, you’ll get a free AluminEye cream, one of our most coveted products!

And even more exciting – a $100 shopping spree of AlumierMD products on your 10th shipment!
Shipment AlumierMD Reward Points Insider Perks
1 2%*
2 2%*
3 2% Free AluminEye cream
4 2%
5 2%
6 2%
7 2.5%
8 2.5%
9 2.5%
10 2.5% $100 shopping spree**
11 2.5%
12 2.5%
13+ 3+%
* Points awards in month 3, after 2 auto-shipments ** Shopping spree of $100 is added to your account to spend on anything you want! *** Any 30 days period without Auto-Ship orders nullifies the Rewards Points earned to-date

Refer A Friend Bonus

Get paid for helping your friends get glowing skin! Share the AlumierMD experience with your friends and earn free products.

We feel that one good turn deserves another. So, if you think a friend would want the healthy, glowing skin you’re getting with AlumierMD, refer them to AlumierMD and you’ll both get $30 in product credits as long as their first order is at least $80!

You may refer as many friends as you’d like and we’ll keep dealing out the free rewards!